How Laureate Is Creating A Space For Artists In Yellow Springs

A person given the title of Laureate has been given an award for their artistic or intellectual achievements.Even though this organization isn’t giving out any awards, they are creating a space for artists and philosophers to share their works and ideas. Since 2021, Laureate has been hosting series sharing circles where “anything goes;” the events being advertised as so open ended has allowed a lot of unusual and unexpected things to happen. For example, at one event a participant did a spontaneous performance art piece where they picked someone in the crowd and asked a series of questions, each progressively becoming more personal. This performance was mixed in with poetry and singing and physical art pieces passed around; the entire event became a melting pot of mediums.

Since the founding of Laureate, a total of six events have been hosted by the organization. Sharing circles are not the only events that Laureate hosts, the organization also hosts concerts. According to the founder, Tennyson Love, the org strives to “keep what it does broad so that all different types of artists can be included and participate in some way shape or form,” and as a result, the org does not shy away from experimenting with the type of events it seeks to organize. The concert brought in a series of local artists and was open to everyone who wished to come and appreciate music. All events were hosted on the campus of Antioch College, with the exception of one which was hosted in the town of Yellow Springs at Brother Bears Coffee Co.

“In the future I hope Laureate continues to grow and stay alive through the newer students coming to Antioch.” says the founder. Laureate is currently still active and growing and is working on expanding to the internet with a website where artists can submit their works for the world to see. They have plans to begin taking live recordings of events, and posting visual and auditory recordings up on the site. "We just want artists to have a safe space to share their work, and people who might dabble in art have the ability to say 'Hey, my work was posted up on the Laureate site, go check it out!'" says the founder of laureate and also developer of the site, Tennyson Love.

By Tennyson Love 6/16/22